Here it is Cafe Racer fans, the official theme song and music video for Cafe Racer TV, “Ton Up” by none other than Rot Rod Walt and The Psycho-DeVilles!

Music for Cafe Racer TV has been provided by The Cigar Store Indians, The Pscho Devilles and now, for Season’s 2 and 3 – we welcome Memphis Train Union and Rusty Knuckles a growing record label out of North Carolina slingin’ Rockabilly and other tones for your enjoyment! Checkout all the artists and their information below and follow the links to listen and buy their awesome ton-up tunes!

Memphis Train Union

Driven by songwriter / frontman / conductor Dave Korman, Tampa Bay’s Memphis Train Union is poised to make some noise with their second full-length release, The Bluebird Sessions, their if first CD since 2008’s Out on the Road. A native of Rockwell, NC, Dave has been developing his unique mixture of country-tinged Americana blues-rock since he was old enough to hold a guitar. He served his apprenticeships in bands like Hangtown and the Leonard Croon Band, a band that is so fondly remembered in these parts that a local brewery even named a beer after them. On The Bluebird Sessions, Dave works with some of the Tampa Bay area’s best Americana and roots musicians to create thirteen hard-driving, soul- infused tunes that will stick with you through both your best and your bluest moments. Memphis Train Union’s sound has a vintage feel to it that is part gear- driven (don’t get between Dave and his Gretsch 6120, for example) and part rock and roll timelessness. Listen and you’ll hear echoes of the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Calexico, and the Drive-By Truckers. The Bluebird Sessions is out January 24th, on Mind Balm Records. Get it from the Mind Balm Records online store, from all major music download services, and in select independent record stores throughout the Southeast.

For more info visit them on the web at and LIKE them on Facebook by [CLICKING HERE.]

The Cigar Store Indians

A roots rock rockabilly band from Crabapple, Georgia. The band formed in the summer of 1991 when singer/songwriter Ben Friedman and lead guitar player Jimmy “Lownote” Lavender began to jam together as both shared a love for the 1950’s rock/country sound or whats known as rockabilly music. In 1995, after developing a large fan base in and around Atlanta, Ga. The band was offered their first recording contract on Landslide Records. Constant touring and memorable songs landed the self titled first release to # 3 on the Gavin Americana Charts. Highlights include an extended tour with the Squirrel Nut Zippers. “El Baile de la Cobra” was the bands second release and it rose to #10 on the Gavin Americana Charts. “Guestlist” a live recording found on Overall Records gave listeners a chance to sit in on a CSI live set from Smith’s Olde Bar and Eddies Attic both local Atlanta music mainstay clubs. Their last album was Built of Stone, again released on Overall Records.

The “Café Racer” television series uses the band’s song “In a Second Flat” for the show open among other cuts throughout the programs.

You can order Cigar Store Indian music on itunes by clicking here:

Below is a fun little sample you can view his entire Youtube Channel here:

The Psycho Devilles!

“Hot Rod Walt” aka Walt Richards, was born in 1966. Not only does he play guitar and sing in the Psycho-DeVilles, but works on custom cars and motorcycles. Does hand pinstriping and really just about anything you can imagine on a car or bike. He has a pretty cool car collection that includes a couple 51 Mercs and a couple 32 Fords. And a 34 coupe, the famed “Yellow Jacket”…. Even a Pink 60 Caddy. And….he has a very cool wife named Sharlene.

Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho DeVilles was formed in 2002. They have released 4 CDs… “Out of the garage and onto the street”, “Psycho Cadillac”, “Supercharger” and “Night Prowler”. A new record is in the works and will be released early 2011. This will be Hot Rod Walt’s 9th full length CD overall, having had a few bands in the past as well. He takes pride in recording only original music and has about 200 original songs to his name. And takes pride in playing nothing but Gretsch guitars.

Hot Rod Walt shares the stage with two talented and loyal musicians. Paul “Stubbs” Diffin, originally from Essex England, and former member of the Blue Cats and the Big Six is a true showman on the upright bass. Steve “Burnout” Barnett is a hard hittin’ punk rock drummer that never runs out of energy. Here’s a link to their website for tour dates and itunes if you would like to buy some of their music.

You can view their website here:

You can download their music from iTunes here:

Rusty Knuckles

Is a music and merch label for characters that thrive on the fringe. Our music roster is growing rapidly with bands that are genre defining and fits and flows perfect with the Café Racer vibe. Current roster is Crank County Daredevils, Antiseen, Flat Tires, Hellbound Glory, Jay Berndt, Reno Divorce, Ronnie Hymes, She Rides & The Green Lady Killers.

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Here is the story…..ANTiSEEN started in 1983 with founding members Jeff Clayton and Joe Young. Named as a mis-spelling of the term anti – scene, meaning, against any scene that has it’s own rules, code of conduct, fashion and chain of command by hip scenesters. It’s only ROCK ‘N” ROLL and we LOVE it!!!

By 1993 the group toured with what is now known as the “classic” line up of Clayton, Young, Tom OKeefe and Greg Clayton. A few personal changes later and we are with the current line up of Clayton, Young, Jon Bowman and Phil Keller. The band has done five full European tours and played all over the USA. With well over 50 releases world wide (many already into numerous repressings) they started the “southern punk” image that many latch onto today. The band backed up now legendary scum lord GG ALLIN on his first post – prison release “MURDER JUNKIES” and also recorded with guitarist / song writer for the original ALICE COOPER group, Michael Bruce. Live shows consist of violent bursts of musical blitzkriegs, and an unhealthy dose of Pro Wrestling influence that features barbed wire wrapped baseball bats or crowns of barbwire that cause REAL bloodshed (another thing many have latched onto) and the occasional auto self destruct finale that got them labeled “Destructo Rock” early in the group’s history.

Twenty seven years later the band shows no sign of packing it in or making changes to impress any major labels (so ….no turntables or dj’s kiddies). On September 20th, 2008 the band played it’s 25 year anniversary show in it’s hometown of Charlotte, NC which saw fans, friends and bands from all over the world coming in for the celebration. This marked the end of an era which had Greg Clayton and Doug Canipe saying goodbye after many years of dedication and service and hello to the new era with Bowman & Keller. Is the end in sight? Who knows?

Shop For Antiseen –

Six Days On The Road – Dave Dudley by RustyKnuckles

Crank County Daredevils

Mommy, can I set the cat on fire? That wicked mentality belies the sexy overcoat of the near sociopathic beast that is the CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS… but should never be underestimated. Not from a true band of gypsys bred in the moonshine laced mountains of North Carolina. The rowdy crew has managed to forge a signature sound that can only be described as purely southern sleaze rock and this new subgenre’s soul shakin’ essence will assault the senses June 1, 2010 with the world wide release of their self-titled third CD.

The south is going to rise again, indeed, to the beat of a rock n roll machine the likes of which will surely secure a place in history for a band intent on stabbing their unique blend of blistering rhythms and whisky polished vocals through the hearts of music fans everywhere. After unleashing the highly acclaimed “Kings of Sleaze” in 2005 and relentless hard touring throughout the United States and Europe ever since, the CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS have proven themselves as both master performers and fiends for a life they live like there may not be another. One listen to this band’s lyrics will leave no doubt that every person and place in their path is nothing if not fair game.

Buck Cherry’s Josh Todd says, “The CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS make me want to drink beer in the shower at 10AM” while Classic Rock Magazine states, “it’s music for arson, larceny, and yes, daredevilry!” The brainchild of singer Scotty P and bassist Billy Velvet, the CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS were reinvented with the addition of formidable guitarist Rory Kelly and the hardcore precision of drummer Mike Irwin. With influences ranging from punk to New York Dolls-era glam to metal, the band has come into it’s own and is poised to stun those that truly grasp the underground rock movement.

Hailed as the bastard child of Motorhead and early Guns N Roses, The CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS have performed with artists ranging from Kid Rock, Superjoint Ritual, Misfits, DRI, Lynyrd Skynyrd to The Last Vegas, Goatwhore and Danko Jones. Summer 2010 will serve as the kick off to a full East – West coast tour of the U.S. in support of the new record, culminating in a month long European leg scheduled for this Fall.

Shop Crank County Daredevils –

Engines Revin’ by RustyKnuckles

Flat Tires

Hickory North Carolina products the FLAT TIRES have been burning a trail up and down the east coast for the past few years, bringing their brand of “mean-ass jukejoint rock-n-roll” to countless bars, honky-tonks and music venues from New York City to FT Lauderdale Florida. During this time, they’ve been barred from venue’s, labeled “devil-worshipers”, broken up marriages, witnessed numerous stabbings and shootings, played through and or been the cause of countless barroom brawls, received numerous injuries including but not limited to broken teeth and facial lacerations from flying beer projectiles.

Somewhere during the chaos they were picked up by three independent record labels, put out two full length Cd’s, a split 7”, a demo, and have had their music put on 5 different record label compilations; the latest of which is a double Vinyl L.P. compilation with the likes of Supersucker’s Eddie Spaghetti, the Dwarves’ Black Dahlia, ANTiSEEN and the CandySnatchers. They have shared the stage with the likes of WAYNE THE TRAIN HANCOCK, UNKNOWN HINSON, ANTiSEEN, 9 POUND HAMMER, JOE BUCK YOURSELF, THE LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS, MURDER JUNKIES, BOB WAYNE & THE OUTLAW CARNIES, the DEXTER ROMWEBER DUO, JB BEVERLY & THE WAYWARD DRIFTERS, CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS and DAVID CHILDERS & THE MODERN DON JUANS. They have also made countless legions of fans that span out nationwide, and have put down more Pabst Blue Ribbon than most of the folks they’ve played for combined.

Shop Flat Tires –, More info:

Flat Tires – Freeborn by RustyKnuckles

Hellbound Glory

The insurgent/outlaw country quartet from Reno, NV began in 2004 playing music that is honest and raw. There is none of the modern pop slickness that passes for country these days. Their music is as real as the grime and grit on old abandoned buildings in the small towns like Reno NV, Butte MT, Aberdeen WA, and Woodland CA that the members of the band grew up in.

Hellbound Glory’s sound takes up where the original outlaw country singers like Hank Williams, Sr., Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, David Allen Coe, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson left off.

“Basically I set out to write simple country songs in a simple language about my life and the lives of my friends and that is something you can’t get away with anymore in Nashville” says lead singer/songwriter Leroy Virgil.

Their sound draws on the roots of honky tonk, rockabilly, bluegrass, and outlaw country and has kept them on a constant touring schedule over the last 3 years performing across the country in large music venues and local honky-tonks alike. They’ve shared the stage with musical legends like David Allan Coe, Reverend Horton Heat, Drive-By-Truckers, The Blasters, Hank III, Nashville Pussy, Junior Brown, Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Jesse Dayton, Eddie Spaghetti (of the Supersuckers), Lee Rocker (Stray Cats), and many others.

Here is what people are saying about Hellbound Glory:

“Leroy Virgil, frontman, singer, and songwriter for the band must be a tireless student of country music. His use of lyric is superb. He turns a phrase as good or better than any songwriter in the underground, or mainstream today. The way he constructs his songs is purely in the tradition of country music, but as fresh and relevant as anything else you will hear.” – Kyle Coroneos,

“One of the year’s best albums to date is Hellbound Glory’s Old Highs and New Lows…thanks to clever lyrics, irresistible energy, and a sound that pays tribute to country music’s past while still managing to sound modern.” – Juli Thanki, The 9513

“Guitars and drums for muscle, banjos rolling through like hellfire, steel licks showing up at all the right times, Virgil’s pliable whiskey-and-gravel croon always exactly where it needs to be. It’s a legitimately fun and rewarding listen.” – C. M. Wilcox, Country California

Shop Hellbound Glory –

Why Take The Pain by RustyKnuckles

Jay Berndt

It started out innocent enough. The Beatles and Bob Dylan with his parents. His first AC/DC album bought for him by his grandfather. A Stooges album that almost frightened him. It wasn’t long before the obsession took hold on Jay Berndt’s soul and music became part of him. Like a man possessed; he couldn’t listen to a song without needing to dissect it, study it, understand it completely. He started with drums. Learning to master all of his favorite albums. Then guitar. With each passing moment his obsession drove him to learn more, to make each note his own. Eventually he had no choice, he had to create his own music. He joined band after band:hard core, heavy metal, rock’n’roll, country….each one an attempt to give the obsession the voice it craved.

For Jay to tell the tales that must be told. Each group gave him a taste of what he had sought, but not quite enough. Perhaps he needed to produce and record the music too…Perhaps than his voice would have it’s home. So he began to produce and record his bands projects. As with everything Jay creates, each band was strong, charismatic, irresistible, and each better than the one before. Each one was a little bit of what he had in his soul. But not the whole thing. Eventually it became clear that Jays obsession, the music that had taken possession of his soul would never be truly his, and he would never be truly satisfied unless it was 100% pure undiluted him. Written by him, performed by him, recorded by him, produced by him. It was this revelation, along with a few devastating life experiences, and some uncanny good luck that led to the creation of Moto Destructo Studio, the dawn of Jay Berndt’s solo music project, and the birth of “Sad Bastard Songs”, a labor of love, heartbreak, anger, sadness, and peace. At last the obsession that had taken possession of part of Jay’s soul has an outlet and an audience. Only time will tell us where the obsession with drive him next but if history is any indicator, one thing is certain: It will consist of some of the best damn songs you have ever heard.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Lyricist & Singer for Providence, RI metal band, Kilgore (Smudge): 1993-1999 • Signed to Unsound/Warner Bros. – 1994 • “Blue Collar Solitude” (Unsound) Released – 1995 • Top Five College Music Journal “Loud Rock” Charts – 1996 • Regional and National Opening act for: Clutch, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest, Sublime, Life of Agony, Biohazard, DRI, The Misfits, Sheer Terror, Fear Factory, Nothingface, The Cro-Mags – 1995-1997 • “A Search For Reason” (Unsound/Warner Bros.) released – 1998 • Top Five College Music Journal “Loud Rock” Charts – 1998 • Featured touring band on “Ozzfest 98’” with: Ozzy Ozbourne, Tool, Megadeth, Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, Sevendust, Motorhead, The Melvins, Incubus, and System of A Down. • 40 City national tour with: Slayer & Fear Factory – 1998 • Winter European Tour with: Fear Factory & Spineshank – 1998 Singer/Songwriter for Providence, RI country band, The Revival Preachers: 2004 – 2006 • Self-produced “Breathin’ Through A Bruise” releasedon Wet Floor Records – 2005 • Regional and National Opening act for: Lucero, Deke Dickerson, The Raging Teens, Artimus Pyledriver, 3 Inches of Blood Darkbuster, The Gore-Gore Girls: 2004 – 2006 Singer – Songwriter – Producer 2006 – 2010 • Produced “Bury Your Problems” by The Wrong Reasons • Produced “The Last Temptation of The Brimstone Assembly” • Produced “Six Songs of Labor” by Christopher Fullerton • Produced “Jason Sings Waylon for Jessica” by Jay Berndt • Produced “Sad Bastard Songs” by Jay Berndt – 2009 – 2010

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Jay Berndt – Lonesome On’ry and Mean by RustyKnuckles

Reno Divorce

With equal parts Orange County punk, honky tonk country, and rockabilly sensibilities, Reno Divorce strikes a unique chord of their own in a diluted genre of what passes as “Punk rock’n’roll”. Throw in well-crafted and deftly executed songs that straddle the line between Smithereens and and Social Distortion, and you’ve got a band that truly stands out amongst the herd. Oh, and there’s one more thing….this aint the boys’ first rodeo…they’ve played with almost all their punk hereos (ALL, Social D, TSOL, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Shattered Faith, X, The Blasters, Motorhead), and shared a tour bus with more contemporary heavy hitters, ala U.S. Bombs, The Bones, and Street Dogs. They’ve worked with the cream of the crop behind the scenes, as well.

Their last record, “Tears Before Breakfast” was produced by Jason Livermore at the world famous Blasting Room and the support tours for that album were handled by M.A.D. Booking in Europe, where among other great festivals, they graced the Saturday Night Fever Stage at With FUll Force. Always captivating live, and wrought with more hooks than your uncle Bob’s tackle box, Reno Divorce has carved out a reputation as the real nitty gritty, a true “musician’s band” that pushes the envelope with every release, without sounding contrived or formulated. Brent Loveday’s adept songwriting and clever storytelling are brought to life by the bands expert musicianship. With Brent Loveday on lead guitar and vocals, Tim Jadowski on bass, Tye Battistella on Rhythm guitar, and Ruben Patino on drums the band fires on all cylinders. backed by a band that fires on all cylinders. Reno Divorce has earned honors in Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Loud Fast Rules, and (more importantly to the band) the respect of their peers.

Supercharger – Reno Divorce by RustyKnuckles

Ronnie Hymes

How can you put a label on music that is so raw, real and true to its roots? This ain’t your daughters NashVegas infused country music. Ronnie Hymes lives the tales he sings about and know’s a thing or two about working for an honest days pay. Ronnie Hymes refuses to be categorized and be made fit into a certain genre’s mold. If he isn’t out playing honky tonks, rockin’ with numerous known associates, you can find him forever workin’ on new tracks in his studio and plotting new shows. Ronnie Hymes is the real deal outlaw country artist for a new generation of rowdy shit kickers.

Hymes learned how to play the guitar as a child, and moved to North Carolina from West Virginia at age 10. He played in bands throughout his teenage years, and after working as a mechanic for several years, went to work at the local tire factory, where his father worked. Being a factory worker and raising a family helped him to realize his roots and where he came from. Just like in the Merle Haggard song, Ronnie had those “Workin Man Blues”. In early 2009, He recorded a 5 song solo EP that made its mark in the Underground Country Music scene. With the release of his self produced full length CD “UnIncorporated” in September 2010, and great reviews from the likes of “”, Ronnie Hymes has shown he is a driving force in today’s Outlaw Country music. He has shared the stage with many great artist in his genre, including Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours, Hellbound Glory, J.B. Beverley, Owen Mays, The Poisonville Rats and many others. Ronnie is currently working on material for his upcoming CD, and is planning an east coast tour in September 2011 with good friends and fellow musicians Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours.


“The beauty of this album (UnIncorporated) is it’s roots in truth. When so many Nashville products try to sing about the common man’s common struggles, they have to do it from the outside looking in. What Ronnie is doing is getting what is inside out, to keep his sanity.”
– Triggerman,

“Anyone can pick up a guitar and sing into a mic. Ronnie Hymes isn’t just anyone that’s for sure. Ronnie is what REAL country music is all about. He writes and sings about REAL life and plays the guitar like it’s meant to be played… Like it’s an extension of his soul. You can waste your time with pop country crap or you can give your ears the REAL deal…. Ronnie Hymes is the real deal”
– Blake Clayton “IBWIP Radio Show”, IBWIP Radio Show

“Ronnie Hymes is real. Ronnie Hymes is raw. For fans of true underground country music, look no further”
– Jashie P, Outlaw Radio Chicago

“Ronnie Hymes has done more to promote underground music than any other artist out there”
– Chris Miller, Blue Ribbon Radio

She Rides

What says rock and roll that hasn’t already been said before. What screams rock and roll is a band covered in sweat and blood. A band playing so hard that it seems they want pyrotechnics at the end of their set made of their bodies. A band that knows that you don’t need a song that is a million miles an hour to make you drive your car way too fast. All you need is great riffs played loud with a live fast die young attitude. So many bands mistake fast for intensity. Not so with Providence, RI.’s SHE RIDES. These sweat and alcohol fueled rock monsters formed in 2006 combining desperately dangerous vocals with big riff upon big riff of screaming guitars over what can only be described as the pounding of a driving music rhythm section. On SHE RIDES’ swath of rock and roll destruction have desecrated stages with the likes of GALLOWS, CANCER BATS, EVERY TIME I DIE, DISFEAR, VALIENT THORR, and THE BRONX in support of 2008’s S/T full length on STILLBORN RECORDS.

SHE RIDES is what Bon Scott would have sounded like if he knew he was having his last drink. They are the beat that John Bonham would play if he knew the same thing and they shred like the riff Randy Rhoads would have played if he knew his plane was going down. That’s what music is all about for SHE RIDES, playing rock and roll like its the last thing they’ll do before they crash and burn. Look for new material and tours for SHE RIDES in 2011. For SHE RIDES playing rock and roll like its the last thing they’ll do before they crash and burn.

Shop She Rides –

She Rides – Buy The Ticket by RustyKnuckles

The Green Lady Killers

Conjuring visions of fast cars, black leather, sweat and sin, all-female rock trio The Green Lady Killers (GLK) unleash electric charged garage rock that embraces 1970s American pre-punk style and delivers a loud, fast and sexy ride. Evoking the maniacal elements of The Cramps, inventiveness of The Pixies and the bad girl attitude of The Runaways, GLK’s sound is one part sultry, one part menacing and all parts rock ‘n’ roll.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, The Green Lady Killers consist of Lady Van Buren (vocals/guitar), Cherrybomb (drums) and Annie Venom (bass/vocals). The Green Lady Killers first began turning heads in summer 2005, when they were featured on the Van’s Warped Tour Shiragirl Stage, the first stage in Warped Tour history dedicated to women in rock. Their smash hit “Psycho Ellen” was selected for the Shiragirl Stage Crew Compilation (2005 Play-a-Grrrl Productionz), distributed nationwide.

Known for their versatile sound, booty shakin’ beats and striking image, the captivating threesome have recently shared the stage with Nekromantix (Hellcat Records), new wave pop rock pioneers, Missing Persons, legendary garage rocker, Sky Saxon of The Seeds (Global Universe), The Detroit Cobras (Bloodshot Records) and many others.

“A healthy dose of hard, fast American rock ‘n’ roll…reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s punk bands like the Runaways, the Cramps and the Pixies…these are songs to thrash to until you sweat, to blast from car stereos at midnight, to turn up to stratospheric decibel levels.”
– Megan Reid, Flagstaff Live

“If you can imagine a world where Joan Jett and Lita Ford kept The Runaways alive through the 80s and 90s, then you will understand why I’ve been caught saying “…with rock as this good as GLK, the world doesn’t need The Donnas” over the last year. Songs like “My 45″, “Linger On”, and “Dance Floor” are primed to be rock radio hits. Close your eyes and listen to the high energy cut “Time Bomb” and you’ll wonder how long it will take for a music supervisor to license this for the next blockbuster movie or MTV-reality series soundtrack… Loaded with psychobilly riffs, punk rage, and pop-metal sensibilities, GLK take their songs to places most so-called “bad girl” bands wouldn’t dare.”
– Vil Vodka,

“The lineup of Lady Van Buren, Annie Venom and Cherrybomb is the most dangerous, revved-up power trio of rock ‘n’ roll girls ever to grace the Arizona scene and perhaps the entire country.”
– Mitchell L. Hillman, Java Magazine

“A minor-key masterpiece like “Whips and Chains….[has] a memorable melody you could play on a theremin and still have the same number of chills up the spine.”
– Serene Dominic, Phoenix New Times

“This Phoenix trio play steamrolling garage-punk on their first full-length album, spiking the recipe with moderate helpings of girl-group vocals and roaring metal…more Joan Jett than The Donnas, the Green Lady Killers aren’t afraid to show their soft side, either. “Linger On” features restrained pop melodies, but is no less exhilarating than the grimy garage rock of “Dance Floor” or the balls-to-the-wall AC/DC riffage of “Power” and “Ride.”
– Gene Armstrong, Tucson Weekly

“The punchy, power-chord “Psycho Ellen” (which would make such bands as The Stooges and the New York Dolls proud) and the melodic, hook-heavy “Whips and Chains” should gain the band serious airplay…”
– Chris Hansen Orf, Get Out

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Ride by RustyKnuckles

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