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The Bike of The Week!

- Time to show off your Café Racer creations! -

The Cafe Racer TV staff will be judging the bikes in this section weekly beginning April 19th awarding the best bike with some super cool free swag from Cafe Racer TV and Dime City Cycles along with a spot on the front page of Café How cool is that?

Any make and model will do!  The only stipulations are as follows:

1) You built it by yourself (friends help is alright, no paid-for shop builds though)

2) It must resemble a Classic Cafe Racer or Streetfighter Cafe.  No Bobbers, Cruisers, Choppers or other styles. (Sorry guys.)

3) The bike MUST BE COMPLETE, no partial builds.

4) The photo must be a good side profile of the bike BY ITSELF. You’ll get your pretty mug on the profile page if you win. Keep this one just for the bike please!

Just click the “Add a photo of your Café Racer!” link below, type in a caption describing the make, model, year and basic mods list and you’re in the show!

And don’t forget to spread the word to your friends!  Just email or Facebook this link: to your friends and have them click the “thumbs-up” next to your bike.  The more thumbs up you get the better your chances, but remember, public opinion counts here at “Café Racer” TV..  No funny business either, we track the IP addresses and you’ll be ousted for getting multiple thumbs up from a single person.

May the best bike(s) win!

- PLEASE, only submit ONE PHOTO of your Cafe Racer. Multiple photos will not get posted. -

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